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Founded in 1989, Lites Group delivers exceptional Field Marketing solutions across multiple channels for a number of sectors including FMCG, Consumer Electronics, Cosmetics, On Trade, DIY, Hospitality, Utility, and State Bodies. Our core services are Merchandising, Sales, Product Demonstrations, Market Research & Retail Auditing.

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We provide market leading Merchandising services to increase brand and product awareness, and drive sales at the point of purchase for clients.

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Retail Installations

We are experts in stimulating interest and enticing customers to make a purchase, providing best in class store installations and branding application at the point of sale.

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Auditing & Mystery Shopping

Our experienced team ensure your product is positioned and being promoted as intended, observe behaviors and test customer service, proficiencies and expertise on your behalf.

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Brand Ambassadors

We design and deliver bespoke marketing events and promotions to raise customer awareness, generating sales and creating brand loyalty.

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Sales Teams

With sales being as important as ever in this climate, we carefully match our experienced sales teams with our clients, to ensure maximum ROI.

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Support Services

From Coupon Redemption, Payroll Services and Contract Teams to Warehousing & Logistics, Print, Signage and Display - we can supply a truly end to end Field Marketing Service for your brand portfolio.

What Differentiates Us?

Our Experience

Our management team is made up of experienced Field Marketing practitioners with a combined 50 years of working in the Irish market.

Our Staff

Our highly trained, motivated, loyal and knowledgeable staff, bring unrivaled industry expertise to each and every campaign brief.

Our Processes

Our internal systems and processes are designed to ensure all campaigns, big & small, regardless of scale are implemented flawlessly.

Our Technology

We consistently invest in developing our cutting edge real-time reporting systems, to deliver greater efficiencies in data capture and management. We have a proprietary reporting system, LitesDirect, that allows us to schedule your work, track progress and report directly from the field. We provide complete transparency in all we do for our client’s and allow them 24/7 access via the web. Needless to say, we take the management of your data seriously. We use state of the art technology and industry standard practices to provide peace of mind that your data is always available as well as safe and secure.

Smart Communication

Adjust campaign plans and capture feedback from teams in real-time

Business Intelligence

Provide smart, flexible information capture and analysis for our clients.



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