Martin Duffy - Co Managing Director

Why Flexibility Has Been Our Strength in 2020

2020 has been a year of extraordinary upheaval and uncertainty. With Brexit in the background we have been faced with the biggest public health emergency since the Spanish flu. How we live our lives has changed enormously during 2020. How we socialise, work and shop have all been impacted.
Lites have seen the effects of COVID amongst our field teams. We have seen some our people become ill, members of our team have lost family members and how we work as a business has had to radically change.

Our customers too have seen their business models turned upside down.

As a business we have always been focused on providing sales and marketing solutions which deal with the challenges our customer face. 2020 has been no different. Over the past 10 months we seen issues with supply chain, travel restriction and heightened health and safety requirements. The three pillars of our business have equipped us to deal with these issues. Our people, technology and experience have all helped us deal with the upheaval 2020 has brought.

Our people
Lites Group have always been very proud of our loyal network of experienced staff. Our footprint of people covers the full 32 counties and this has allowed us to activate projects with local people with local knowledge. Travel has been kept to a minimum.
During this particularly difficult period we have called upon our people to continue their role as essential workers in retail. Every day our staff completed their duties diligently and safely. Without their dedication we would not have been able to provide the level of service we did during the year. They have rolled with the cancellations, changed schedules and sometimes the greater demands of their time.

Our technology
Our systems have allowed us to flex with multiple changes during the course of the year. Our system LitesDirect has helped us push out schedules with last minute changes. Briefs and training can all be completed virtually allowing us to react quickly to client requests.
This year has seen a massive shift in remote working however for our field teams this has been a our standard way of working for a number of years. Our teams have always needed to access information and send their reports from their local store in Killarney or Letterkenny and our system allows them to do that.

Our Experience
While this year has been extraordinary we have faced challenges before and some of our past experiences have allowed us to calmly provide solutions where needed. Our management team have been able to provide insights and learnings and help guide our clients.

Our attitude is always our clients challenges are our challenges. Our clients have sought our advice and we have tried to go above and beyond to help relive some of the stress that the have had to deal with. This year has been a year for partnerships.

As we look forward to 2021 we know Q1 & Q2 will continue to be difficult. However we are confident that the pillars of our business and with the partnership of our clients we can continue to provide a high level of quality service.