Retail Installations

We understand the impact of perfectly presented in-store displays, and pride ourselves on delivering exceptional in-store experiences for our clients’ customers. Our highly trained installation teams have first-class experience implementing displays of all shapes, sizes and formats for some of Ireland’s largest brands and retailers and are on hand to support with any retail installation project you need help with. With over 30 years experience, we have the skill, expertise and knowledge required to ensure that any installation project you have is carried out seamlessly, providing your customers with an unrivalled in-store experience.

"Our experienced team and their relationships at store level allow us to deliver exceptional results."

 Martin Duffy, Co-Managing Director


Our Other Services

Find out more about our other field marketing services – from planning and deployment to success measurement and reporting – our knowledge, capabilities and technology provides all the necessary expertise to deliver high-impact marketing campaigns.

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We provide market leading Merchandising services to increase brand and product awareness, and drive sales at the point of purchase for clients.

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Auditing & Mystery Shopping

Our experienced team ensure your product is positioned and being promoted as intended, observe behaviors and test customer service, proficiencies and expertise on your behalf.

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Brand Ambassadors

We design and deliver bespoke marketing events and promotions to raise customer awareness, generating sales and creating brand loyalty.

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Sales Teams

With sales being as important as ever in this climate, we carefully match our experienced sales teams with our clients, to ensure maximum ROI.

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Support Services

From Coupon Redemption, Payroll Services and Contract Teams to Warehousing & Logistics, Print, Signage and Display - we can supply a truly end to end Field Marketing Service for your brand portfolio.