Sales Teams

Lites Group, across all of our services, help brands engage with customers though either the collateral we install or the staff that represent them, resulting in increased sales. If you have a specific sales requirement, be it a focused dedicated FMCG team, or larger national field sales teams, Lites Group have the flexibility to deliver the sales solution that best suits you.

Delivering Across Multiple Sales Channels

We understand that sales requirements will change during the business cycle, but we do not believe this should impact the quality of your sales teams. We provide highly engaged and motivated sales teams who will represent your brand professionally and enthusiastically on a part-time or full-time basis. Lites Group have the capability to provide a wide variety of sales solutions for clients across a number of different channels including:

Grocery Retail

Consumer Electronics

Residential Field Sales


B2B Sales

Contact Centres



Van Sales


Building Sales Channels

Our sales teams are trained and experienced in all forms of retail sales and promotions to help our clients increase their brand awareness, engagement, and sales. These sales teams may include Brand Ambassadors to interact with consumers at point-of-sale promotions to make the products more appealing to customers or brand merchandisers. Whatever your needs we’ll provide you with a sales team that will provide the best representation of your brand and increased sales.

With the aid of daily performance tracking, high focus on sales levels and ongoing management, this department can offer a lot to clients who need to stimulate sales. We provide sales training and sales channel management for our expert sales teams.


Our Other Services

Find out more about our other field marketing services – from planning and deployment to success measurement and reporting – our knowledge, capabilities and technology provides all the necessary expertise to deliver high-impact marketing campaigns.

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We provide market leading Merchandising services to increase brand and product awareness, and drive sales at the point of purchase for clients.

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Retail Installations

We are experts in stimulating interest and enticing customers to make a purchase, providing best in class store installations and branding application at the point of sale.

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Auditing & Mystery Shopping

Our experienced team ensure your product is positioned and being promoted as intended, observe behaviors and test customer service, proficiencies and expertise on your behalf.

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Brand Ambassadors

We design and deliver bespoke marketing events and promotions to raise customer awareness, generating sales and creating brand loyalty.

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Support Services

From Coupon Redemption, Payroll Services and Contract Teams to Warehousing & Logistics, Print, Signage and Display - we can supply a truly end to end Field Marketing Service for your brand portfolio.